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Thursday, April 14, 2016

From the Greatest Generation to the Sorriest Generation

   The Million Student March held this year called for tuition-free public college and the cancellation of all student debt. Burns my butt. 

Between me, my wife, my three children and my four grandchildren, we hold a doctorate, six masters and one about finished, eight bachelors, and two working on them. With the exception of two years GI Bill and a $300 loan, every one paid for every bit of their education themselves! There was no help from any parents or other relatives. The youngest right now is paying his own way working at Chik a Filet.
The young people whine that the government lied to them about what a college degree can do for them. That they were conned into borrowing big sums of money, so they should not have to pay it back. Pure crap! They also say to us who did it for ourselves "Yes, but times are harder now." Again crap! If anything times are easier. Kids can hold down jobs and get degrees on line and in night courses. Something we could never do.
There are more scholarships, assistantships and fellowships today than there ever were. Also, companies are recognizing that colleges are not teaching the skills their organizations need so they are willing to hire people and let them enroll in classes that they do need–some paying for them and others making allowances through flex-time etc.
Many of the kids in my classes were wasting their time while burning through money their poor parents needed to protect themselves in their old age.
We know those who serve in the military are the finest young people in the world. I am sure there are other great kids we don’t get to hear enough about. But I, as a member of the Greatest Generation, feel free to say this present generation may be the sorriest generation we ever produced in this country’s history.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if all the student loans were forgiven? I assume that would mean that the government would give me and my kids back the money we earned and saved to put them through school. They would, of course, give me back the money I paid the bank on the mortgage I refinanced to help my kids through.....and pay my kids back for the money they earned waiting tables in local restaurants and spent on tuition, fees, and living expenses! to help pay their way. How mice that all the years those 2 kids delivered papers, mowed lawns, baby sat etc and put much of the money earned into their college funds will have that money returned to them.

Sarkazein said...

The government is already forgiving some of those debts. CLICK HERE

When do we learn that unConstitutional involvement by the government leads to disappointment and disaster. Medical, education, housing, next is food.