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Monday, April 11, 2016

Horrors! North Carolinians Have Just Been Banned From Porn Site!

  The porn site XHamster delivered a serious shot at the North Carolina legislature.
"Hamster users in the Tar Heel state will just have to find porn somewhere else on the Internet.
Users from the Tar Heel State began complaining on Monday that when they tried to access the popular porn site on Monday, they were met with a blank screen.
XHamster spokesman Mike Kulich says that this is no accident,"but rather a direct response to the state’s passage of the bathroom law. XHamster
That is just  cruel and unusual punishment don't you think?


Sarkazein said...

It sounds like a parody. We didn't pass the peeper/pervert bill in Texas, why can't we be blacked-out by XHamster? I am going to check right now and make sure I am not blocked. Back in a couple hours.

Sarkazein said...

Nope. Not blacked out in Texas. It used to be citizens tried to keep pornography out of their state, city, neighborhood, home... now it is a threat/punishment to black it out. Some of the "change" Obama and the Democrats promised.

Anonymous said...

Here's the interesting part -- I googled xhamster for the fun of it, and it turns out that it's headquartered in Houston, Texas. Didn't Houston vote down "restroom choice" a couple of years ago? Just sayin'.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 8:32 PM- Hopefully Xhamster will move out of Houston and to a city with more similar liberal values, like NYC.