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Friday, April 15, 2016

Pope Calls for Conference with Bernie Sanders on Income Inequality

 I saw a picture the other day of the Pope laying hands on a sick child. When Jesus did that, the child would have been healed. Then Jesus would
try to explain to a very spiritually dense people
 that what He did was what He came to do–reestablishing His authority over the authority of unseen renegade gods who had taken over His planet–that the sick child was an example of the horrible things they had done and were doing.

After modeling that behavior, He sent his disciples out to do the same thing–heal the sick, cast out the seditious unseen elohims and announce the sovereignty of God. Then just before He left, He told them what He did was what He wanted them to be doing from then on.

When the Pope laid hands on the child nothing happened. So what does the Pope do when he can’t do what He was told to do? What Christians have done for centuries. Just make up something that sounds religious.

Call for a conference with Bernie Sanders on income inequality following the conference on global warming.
(For background see Luke 10:9, Mark 16:17)


Anonymous said...

You got all of that out of a picture from a coloring book. Nothing more need be said.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 8:13 AM thinks there should be actual photos.

Blogger said...

Sark You are a hoot. What would we ever be without you?

Anonymous said...

It's your reading level and fantasy view. Stay in the lines. Maybe paint by numbers would give it more authority.

Sarkazein said...

A Christian brother and sister from Syria say they have been 'let down' by the Pope after he left them behind in a Lesbos refugee camp despite promises they would be given a new life in Italy.
Roula and Malek Abo say they were two of the lucky 'chosen 12' refugees selected by the Vatican to be taken from the desperate camp and housed in Rome.
But what seemed like the chance of a lifetime was cruelly snatched away when they were told the following day they couldn't go. Instead three Muslim families were taken.-
Dailey Mail