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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Speech You Will Never Hear From Bernie or Hillary

Hillary and Bernie have been sucking up to the kids
by telling them that students are among the poorest people in America and it is the government’s fault. Students deserve good jobs with zero debt, they say.

However, speaking to students at St. Norbert College, Donald Trump did it differently, daring to tell them that they should rely on hard work instead of government bailouts. How novel.
"When you graduate, you want to get great jobs," Trump told the audience at the school in De Pere, Wisconsin"If you want vacations, you’re not really in the right business."
Then he surprised them with: "Most people think success is measured in the form of monetary success. "It’s not really," Trump said, adding that "while having money "does make life easier," happiness mostly comes from a loving family."
Also, "there’s a certain amount of luck," Trump said. It works like this: "The harder you work, the luckier you get." (The sound you hear is liberals barfing.) Conservative Tribune

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Sarkazein said...

Their parents should all give them a small loan of $15,000,000 (by today's value) so that they don't have to act poor and can wear designer suits to their job interviews or to their own start-up company.