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Sunday, April 3, 2016

 Divine Mercy Sunday. This day celebrates a very special Sunday when the Divine floodgates
from Heaven are wide-opened and Jesus offers us the total forgiveness of all sins and punishment to any soul. The word mercy has two meanings. One meaning is to not punish. The second meaning of mercy is to reveal loving kindness. Having experienced that love first hand, I go with the second definition.

The prayer for Divine Mercy is also prayed every day all over the world at 3:00 P.M. local time.  Some wonderful sing-along tapes are available on Amazon. I have prayed this prayer with the tapes every day for years.
During the early 1930s, a young woman who was to later become St. Faustina, received a number of appearances and visions of Jesus and Mary. During her early visitations from Jesus, He revealed to her that her purpose on earth was to bring about a devotion to His Divine Mercy. She was to demonstrate mercy and call attention to His purposes of mercy for the world.
Much of what we know about St Faustina and Divine Mercy are found in the pages of her diary, the Diary of St. Faustina also available on Amazon.
On February 22, 1931, Jesus  appeared to her, bringing a message of God’s mercy for the world. She was given the prayer to be prayed using the Rosary chaplet.
On April 30, 2000, Pope John Paul II canonized St Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament and designated the Second Sunday after Easter each year as Divine Mercy Sunday. The Pope always had a special devotion to St Faustina and Divine Mercy. So does this present Pope Francis.
(Apologies for missing Easter post on the blog, but was on the road.)


Wolf's Head said...

Luckily for the lefties, the Gates to Hell are always open.


Democratus Rex said...

Said the racist.

Wolf'es Head said...

Is racism a sin?

The gates are still open for you.

Democratus Rex said...

Racism is a sin and Jesus was a liberal.

Wolf's Head said...


Mind telling me where I can find this in the Bible and not in your fantasy world?

Don't remember the part where Jesus told his followers to become atheists, kill unborn children and steal from people who had more than them.

By the way, your farts are still stinking up the blog.

Blogger said...

Jesus was apolitical, not a liberal. How do we know? Because he said: ( Mark 12:17) "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's."

Anonymous said...

Didn't DRex once call Jesus a fictional character and say there was no proof he actually existed?

Democratus Rex said...

Fictional characters can be liberal. He also is rumored to have taken some fish and bread and fed the multitudes. Sounds like a socialist as well.

Anonymous said...

No, a socialist would have beaten up the baker and the fisherman, cursed them for being successful and stolen the bread and fish.

Sarkazein said...

A Socialist would be sitting around waiting to be fed by someone else's catch, all while resenting the fisherman for having more than him and polluting the water.