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Thursday, May 26, 2016






Anonymous said...

Early voting is now open. Republicans have 2 important choices to make here. We have Virginia Foxx vs Patty Curran for Foxx's congressional seat. Foxx has let conservatives down lately with her passing of the budget funding Obama's agenda. Still, she has the experience to do the job and, for the most part, has voted the way I want her to. I don't like her budget vote but that is the only major disagreement I have had with her in years. I will vote for Foxx.

Probably a more important election is the primary for Supreme court justice for the NC state ssupreme court.

Bob Edmonds is currently one of the 4 CONSERVATIVE judges sitting on the supreme court. He is up against two all-out liberal activists who, if elected, will give the sourt a 4-3 LIBERAL majority and it will remain that way for the next several elections.

This "second primary" is, in itself, a result of a liberal activist judge throwing out the congressional districts which have been in place for the last several elections and forcing a second primary just for congressional and supreme court positions.

This will be a VERY LIGHT turnout...only a few votes can make a huge difference. Please make sure you cast a ballot and support the ONE CONSERVATIVE candidate for NC SUPREME COURT...Bod Edmonds, JR.

Cyclops said...

Good advice, Anon8:55. The NC Supreme Court race is crucial to conservatives remaining in control in Raleigh. If the liberals take over the Supreme Court, they will over rule many of he conservative reforms passed by the NCGA.