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Monday, May 2, 2016

Ideology, We've Had Enough

Two of my favorite commentators  Peggy Noonan and Dick Morris today hit upon the same observation--the end of ideology in both parties.
Noonan tells of a meeting with a group where she said

"I’d been thinking that maybe Mr. Trump’s appeal is simple: What Trump supporters believe, what they perceive as they watch him, is that he is on America’s side."

"And that comes as a great relief to them, because they believe that for 16 years Presidents Bush and Obama were largely about ideologies. They seemed not so much on America’s side as on the side of abstract notions about justice and the needs of the world." Obama’s ideological notions are about international climate-change agreements, and leftist views of gender, race and income equality. Bush was driven by a different ideology—neoconservatism, democratizing, nation building, defeating evil in the world, privatizing Social Security.
"But it was all ideology."
"Then Mr. Trump comes and in his statements radiate the idea that he’s not at all interested in ideology, only in making America great again—through border security and tough trade policy, etc. He’s saying he’s on America’s side, period."
And Trump’s followers forgive all his shortcomings "Not only because they’re tired of bad policy but because they’re tired of ideology."
Noonan concludes: "Those conservative writers and thinkers who have for nine months warned the base that Mr. Trump is not a conservative should consider the idea that a large portion of the Republican base no longer sees itself as conservative, at least as that term has been defined the past 15 years by Washington writers and thinkers."
  Dick Morris The End of Ideology  makes the same observation. The overwhelming vote by Republicans is revealing they are moving away from ideology. Cruz is an all out ideological conservative and the people are rejecting it. And Bernie, the most ideological in that party, is losing.
The two non ideological, Trump and Hillary without preconceived ideology, pragmatic, people who manage affairs, are winning overwhelmingly.
Liberals are following Obama and Conservatives are trying to reach back to Reagan. The people are saying to hell with that, lets do what works and what is in our interest. Ideology is losing its power to control the republican party.
Morris concludes: we would do well to watch where people are leading and learn from them.

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Sarkazein said...

Not ready to give up on the Capitalist and self-reliance and Individualism ideologies and trade for the populist ideology.