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Saturday, May 14, 2016

North Carolina Fastest Teacher Pay Increasesin Country


Johnny Rico said...

This is not a good thing. The schools suck, teachers only teach liberal approved philosophy, and the idiot Republicans, Republican Representative Hager being a prime example, continue to fund schools. Cut all funding to schools and have the communities fund schools like they used to. A community funded school will give a much better education than the indoctrination that Republicans are allowing to occur in our failed schools. I don't want a penny of my hard earned taxpayer money going to schools so kids can learn the Founding Fathers were cretins and the Constitution is outdated. You'd have to be stupid to think increased spending on schools is a good thing.

Johnny Rico said...

See Vent Page for my post on how much RINO Mike Hagar (NC District 112)is spending on liberal teachers and education. Republicans have got to be some of the absolute dumbest idiots around (Cyclips and Little Brau come to mind rather immediately)for supporting sworn enemies. What do they think will happen - teacher's union will suddenly start supporting them? Or maybe teacher's unions will quit indoctrinating our kids with leftist garbage? What are the Rethuglicans thinking exactly?

NC Senate and House Rethuglicans will sure fund liberal teachers, but try getting this bunch to fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights and see what happens. NOTHING. You're past the point of no return folks. It aint' coming back when republicans are in bed with liberal teachers at MY EXPENSE.