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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rep. Foxx to be at the Head of the Platform Committee

   Bernie Sanders obviously believes that a party’s platform committee is important. How do we know? Because to placate him, the DNC is giving him one third of the seats. Obviously then the platform committee is more important than I realized, so I am taking a second look at the news that our Virginia Foxx will be one of the three heads of the GOP Platform Committee. The following is from CNN:
"The Republican National Committee selected a trio of conservative stalwarts to head up its convention platform committee Tuesday in a move that appears designed to assuage concerns among the far right with presumptive nominee Donald Trump.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced that Sen. John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican and member of the Senate Republican leadership, would chair the panel writing the party platform and that Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina would co-chair the group.

 "I know they will bring their good judgment and a principled vision for our Party and our country into this role. Writing the platform is a critical task, and as we enter one of the most important elections of our lifetime, our party is eager to lead an American resurgence by standing on our commitment to life, individual liberty, a strong national defense, and an economy that works for all Americans," Priebus said in a statement."  See Article on CNN


Anonymous said...

We have lost our chance to get Foxx out of congress! Repubs couldn't get their shit together to elect curran. The Democrats have, once again, failed to put forth a serious candidate.

THREE democrat losers in the primary and we pick the one that has already proven in 2014 that he couldn't beat Foxx. The other two would not have been any better. Isn't there even ONE candidate that the Dems can find that they could run against Foxx with a chance of success?

Cyclops said...

Anon 10:38: No, no Democrat or Republican will defeat Rep. Foxx. You'll just have to wait till she retires or expires. Are you a liberal who hoped Curran would defeat Foxx? Currie was hard core Tea Party favorite who had nothing to offer other than becoming a shrill back bencher with no legislative experience or acumen.

Virginia Foxx is the ultimate role model for a successful legislator. She is very responsive to constituent service, constantly travels throughout the district meeting with nonpartisan municipal, public service and civic groups while at the same time attending to her responsibilities with the Republican Party. She has an effective communications operation with district voters and is accessible to individuals or groups interested in particular issues.

In Congress, she is a policy wonk knowledgable on a host of issues important to conservatives and her district residents. She is a pragmatic conservative who has been promoted to a leadership position in the U.S. House. She is not shrill and is a team player, but maintains a very consistent conservative voting record. And she reflects the conservative bent of the majority of 5th District voters.

On a cold, blustery election day in November 2012, Ms Foxx was standing outside my polling place when the polls opened handing out election materials. The candidacy she was promoting was not her own, but was for a conservative judge who was running in a nonpartisan race for the NC Supreme Court.

Conservatives in NC's 5th Congressional District are fortunate to have such a responsible and effective Congressional representative. Local liberals should chill out and accept the inevitability of her reelection.

Wolf's Head said...

THe really good thing about Foxx's re-election is it will have J. W. s**ting purple caltrops.