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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Illuminati Behind the Curtain

This writer has nailed the current climate in the political sphere. He writes: "The ‘my way or no way’ position against Trump, could be attributed to the establishment being spoiled entitled brats who are used to having their way – and that would probably be true. But there is more to this than middle-aged babies throwing tantrums."
Donald Trump has uncovered an uncomfortable truth: There is "a behind-the-scenes axis of power that pulls the strings in both parties – and Donald Trump is not a member of this club."
"The Establishment elites are absolutely terrified of losing control, not only because of Donald Trump, but because he is the product of an uprising among the people. If Trump is elected and actually follows through on his promises, his popularity among the people would grow exponentially and the Establishment’s grip on power could disappear. A popular uprising among the people scares the power-addicted Establishment perhaps more than anything!" Behind the curtain

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Sarkazein said...

The author is wrong. It is Trump himself and not the "establishment power" thing. It is also different to say you cannot endorse someone and whether or not you will vote for them. It is the individual (Trump) who so many are not able to endorse. I have voted in every election since 1968. In all the elections, I have not agreed 100% with everything the candidate has to offer. All were never libertarian or even Conservative enough for me BUT I never felt like I had to hold both my nose and my lunch while voting for them. It will be hard for many to vote for, much less endorse Trump.