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Friday, June 17, 2016

America's Real Threat--a Comment by Reader Cyclops

Cyclops  wrote..
When liberals emote that the Muslim refugees being allowed to come here are innocent women and children, it is an extremely short-sighted perspective. It is the young children of Muslim refugees that pose the biggest threat of terrorism in the future. Often raised in immigrant enclaves and exposed to radical Islamic Mosques and internet propaganda, these youths are prime candidates for radicalization. There is little or no assimilation into western cultures or values and no self identification as American citizens.

And yet, the left keeps advocating for admitting thousands more refugees into the U.S . This obsession by the left of diversification of American traditions, culture and values is the biggest threat to the future survival of the American experience. (emphasis Bloggers)


Blogger said...

Thank you Cyclops for your contribution. For me, you have just commented on the most serious issue our country will ever face.

USS Rodger Young said...

Here is more of the "real threat" that Cyclips commented on:

How, might you say, would wild Ginseng harvest permits relate to what cyclips says? It's part and parcel of what he says. It is exactly what he says. It mimics what he says.

For generations our Southern Highlanders harvested Ginseng sustainably. From around 1750 until 2013, Southern Highlanders knew the value of wild Ginseng and protected it to preserve that value. In 2013 the Forest Service decreased the number of permits to harvest Ginseng on public property. This year they reduced permit numbers by another 75%. Enter ILLEGAL ALIENS and anchor baby third worlders borne of those criminals (illegal aliens). ILLEGAL ALIENS are harvesting wild ginseng in unsustainable fashion. Instead of going after illegal aliens, the American citizen pays the price.

In 2013, A centuries old cultural anachronism quietly faded away under your nose folks. Southern highlanders (American citizens and American Indians) have been pushed aside by illegal aliens who don't understand simple concepts like sustainable harvest or only digging mature Ginseng Plants. That's why the failed countries they hail from are such cesspools. Not a peep from Americans who continue to allow the people that cyclips mentions to run amuck.

I noticed the state parks on Grandfather Mountain have begun posting signs in Spanish against harvesting Galax. Why would those signs be in Spanish? Galax supported many a mountain family over the years, and it was harvested sustainably. Not illegal aliens. They harvest EVERYTHING, even the immature plants not worth anything!!!!

The High Country Press article on Ginseng Permits somehow leaves out the fact illegal aliens have caused this!!! The Forest Service doesn't mention it either. Why? It's ok to hammer the Confederate Flag as some malevolent symbol of evil but not illegal aliens. America is done folks. Brought down from the inside by apathy and political correctness. You might say that Ginseng or Galax means nothing to you. It doesn't until the same thing occurs in a facet of your life that does matter. Then it's too late. Enjoy oppression at the hands of liberals and foreigners. .

USS Rodger Young said...

Any leftist dolts want to talk about illegal aliens and the Ginseng Harvest? That's what I thought. Liberals dodge tough facts.

Anonymous said...