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Friday, June 24, 2016

Letter to Jonathan Jordon Regarding His Proposed Bill

Jonathan, I am having trouble with your land use proposal.  Whatever happened to a key conservative principle that the best government is the government closest to the people?  Or, have you gone over to the dark side of the Republican party where the rap is that Republicans are always in bed with the rich and powerful–in this case, the builders?  Or, have you been in Raleigh now so long that you have joined the elites who believe they are smarter than the folks back home–the elites we populists are rebelling against?


USS Rodger Young said...

Go Johnathan Jordan. Any bill that tears apart at the power of government, especially local tin pot dictators, is a good bill. When the league of municipalities doesn't like a bill, then it's a good bill! Here's a key argument against the bill proposed by leftist liberal extremists: “Among other changes, the bill would incentivize litigation at local taxpayer expense."

This is EXACTLY what I want. Good job Jordan. Tie up local municipalities in court and make them pay dearly for stomping on the rights of the little women and men here in purple state North Carolina. If this bill passes, the proletariat will have a tool to wield against local tin pot dictators (zoning officers, town managers, code enforcement, etc). Right now, citizens have no recourse whatsoever to right the thousands of wrongs committed by said tin pot dictators against hard working taxpayers.

Sadly though, I don't think this excellent bill will pass. The league of municipalities (notice lower case) is like the north Carolina sheriffs association (notice lower case) - very powerful and well connected to the liberal NC legislature. As the sheriff's association influenced state legislators to vote down gun bills that would increase the 2nd Amendment rights of the proletariat, so will the league of municipalities similarly influence RINO liberals to not pass this bill. RINOs care about one thing - retaining power. Your "rights" are secondary. I support this bill heavily as it directly disrupts governmental power. In the past I've criticized heavily the Republican legislature admonishing them to "DO SOMETHING." Well, Johnathan Jordan is doing something. Be interesting to see which RINOs turn on him in an effort to stay in power and keep the common woman and man down.

Let us revisit an unjust law this bill might address. Currently if you have an old house on your property like I do, and this house has not been lived in for more than 6 months and the power is disconnected, then you will have to bring the house up to "code" before being allowed to restore power. The house on my property was built in 1913, and I did not know such a law had been passed until the tenants moved out and I disconnected the power while doing some work on the house. When it came time to turn the power back on, a building inspector refused to allow it as the house wasn't up to code. To bring it up to code would've outpaced rents received over a 5 year term. The house had been lived in for a century!! Now it's too dangerous. The tin pot dictator took away a steady source of income. This bill might provide redress for such communism. To rail against this bill indicates you're a communist.

Wolf's Head said...

Go Jordan!

Remove the absolute control of local tin god control officials and allow freedom and property rights to return to the people.