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Friday, June 24, 2016

Liberal POV Was Fond of Claiming "Republicans have no plan" O.K. POV Take This!

In the June 22 Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove gives us a summary of the Republican House’s comprehensive agenda just rolled out to spread prosperity, protect the nation, uphold the Constitution, reform health care, create jobs, grow paychecks and boost the economy.
It includes a robust economic package, based on the premise that increasing prosperity requires expanding free enterprise and rewarding hard work. The plan aims to relieve the enormous regulatory burden on businesses; expand affordable, reliable energy; curb lawsuit abuse and crony capitalism; limit Washington’s micromanagement of community banks and the financial decisions of ordinary Americans; and block government bailouts.
On June 9, Republicans issued a new national-security plan to protect the homeland, defeat radical Islamic extremism, and restore confidence among our allies and respect among our adversaries. (However, some of it is at odds with their candidate.)
A plan followed to rein in executive overreach and strengthen accountability and transparency in Washington. Republicans would restore constitutional checks on spending and the budget—including by halting illegal executive-branch spending and overturning expensive new regulations pushed through by lame-duck presidents.
Last week, the House GOP also released a detailed proposal to replace ObamaCare with a package of reforms centered on the patient and doctor. These include making health insurance portable so workers can take it from job to job, increasing the use of health savings accounts, permitting insurance sales across state lines, allowing small businesses and individuals to band together to get lower prices, expanding wellness programs and reforming medical liability.
"It also includes an audacious reimagining of policies to help Americans rise out of poverty. The initiative would require those on welfare to seek work while providing them better access to job training and assistance. It would reform poverty-fighting programs to help people move from dependency on government to lives of independence and personal responsibility."
Today, Republicans added a bold and provocative tax-reform package aimed at a simpler, flatter, fairer tax code that encourages jobs and growth while restoring the competitiveness of American companies. Tax rates would be 12%, 25% and 33%, well below the 39.6% top rate today. The blueprint also would create a new business tax rate of 25% for small businesses, partnerships and so-called S corporations. Currently many file under the individual income tax code with its top rate of 39.6%.


Sarkazein said...

He said a lot worst than that.

USS Rodger Young said...

Liberal Sheep POV,

What do you say now? As usual, when confronted with facts, you run as fast as your welfare-fueled legs can carry you.

oracle said...

Another grandiose "plan" that is never put to vote. T he cowards refuse to go on record or force the POTUS to veto. I can't recall the last time Obama vetoed. They are all useless.

Sarkazein said...

Oracle- The Republicans didn't have a chance to be vetoed because Harry Reid protected Obama from hundreds of bills he would have to veto. Reid shelved hundreds of bills passed by the People's representatives. Now the Republicans don't have an excuse for doing as you say... except for the filibuster. But, listening to Paul Ryan, it still seems they won't make Obama veto. They still think "strategy". The strategy of self-defeat.