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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Prominent Christian Leader Gives Practical Reasons for His Support of Trump

  There are some Christians who have special abilities to bring people to God’s love. It is called anointed. Billy Graham had such an anointing and there are many more today arising all over the world. Therefore, when those who do not have such anointing see others who do, we support them financially. For me right now, I am partnered with the ministry of Sid Roth.  So, I am especially pleased when I learn he is able, as I am, to appreciate who Donald Trump is. In a recent newsletter he outlines some of his reasons:
"I recently met with Donald Trump. My impression of him was very different from what I saw on television. His warmth, interest and father's heart were obvious. I saw the genuine love the Trump children have for their father. I believe that as he becomes a biblically knowledgeable Christian while in office, he can become a father figure for our nation and a "uniter." I saw him from the very beginning as God's choice. I saw a heart that God could mold.
Here are some practical reasons I like him. He is the only candidate who:
has said he would move the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
has said he will defend Christians against persecution and murder by Muslims.
understands business and can change the course of our shipwrecked economy.
will restore our decimated military.
will stop illegal immigration.
will change our broken medical insurance program.
I do not believe it is Trump's idea to make America great again, but God's! I am not blind. I too cringe at some of his statements. But I see the man through the eyes of faith."

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