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Monday, June 6, 2016


In the June 4 Wall Street Journal article entitled "A Party Divided, and None Too Soon," Peggy Noonan introduces us to the Journal of American Greatness." She quotes them as describing themselves as "aghast at the stupidity and corruption of American politics, particularly in the Republican Party. . ."Noonan says
this " brilliant and anonymous website is using this Trumpian moment to break out of the enforced conservative orthodoxy of the past 15 years."
The editors of the Journal give us the best definition of Trumpism I (Blogger) have read: "Trumpism, is defined as secure borders, economic nationalism, interests-based foreign policy, and above all judging every government action through a single lens: does this help or harm Americans? For now, the principal vehicle of Trumpism is Trump." (Emphasis mine)


"That Trump is not "conservative" in the conventional sense defined by pundits,(say the Journal writers) we regard as a feature, not a bug. Trump, or at least Trumpism, is more conservative in the decisive sense of actually seeking to conserve the American nation and what is good about it and within it."
The Journal explores key questions that Trump supporters are now thrusting into the middle of the discussion. For example when did free trade become a sacred ritual of the Republican Right: How did Republican become the party of : We Don’t Care What Americans Think About Illegal Immigration. How did the party of Main Street become the party of Donors’ Policy preferences?" And other questions. The website is great.


Anonymous said...

NCFIRE press release…

After documenting illegal alien crime in NC for more than nine years, here is what the numbers show…What follows are the top seven crimes committed by illegal aliens in NC by number of crimes committed:

1) Driving without a license/insurance
2) DWI
2) Drug trafficking/possession
3) Assault on females
4) Child rape (5 times more than US citizens. Approximately 1,000+/- separate individuals charged with 4,000+/- separate charges annually)
5) Breaking and entering
6) Stealing/possession of stolen goods
7) Hit and run from accident scenes

*It should be noted that NCFIRE is the top research group in the country for the crimes committed by illegal aliens. Their work was instrumental in not only producing the “North Carolina Illegal Alien Crime Study,” which appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of The Social Contract, but also in distributing that study to lawmakers.

Also, NCFIRE’s lobbying efforts resulted in the North Carolina state legislature’s passage of a state-wide ban on so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

NCFIRE are kooks with no legitimacy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
NCFIRE are kooks with no legitimacy.
June 16, 2016 at 8:27 PM

So then, this is your way of saying that you agree with the facts in the article but don't like the source?