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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Double Standard Brought Home

What I am writing here actually happened today. We have a friend, one of those solid blue collar workers who make this country’s wheels go round. Without time to follow the news, we catch him up when he comes by.
Today, he came at exactly the moment the congressional hearing with FBI director Comey was beginning. But our friend had just received some unbelievable news. A slam dunk lawsuit he had filed against a powerful land group, had been thrown out. It was a case that so put him on the side of the angels, that it was unloseable unless a fix was in. Even his lawyer said: "You have just been screwed by the justice system."
At that same moment our friend was talking, Congressman Jaffe was saying to the FBI director: "It seems to a lot of us that the average Joe, the average American, that if they had done what you laid out in your statement, that they’d be in handcuffs, and they might be on their way to jail, and they probably should," Chaffetz said. "And I think there is a legitimate concern that there is a double standard. If your name isn’t Clinton or you’re not part of the powerful elite, that Lady Justice will act differently."
Our friend went ballistic! "That’s it! I get shafted! She walks!" How many more Americans feel that way?

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Anonymous said...

The angels must have had a differing point of view.