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Friday, August 12, 2016

Have We Ever in Modern History Seen a Media That Circles the Wagons Around One Candidate while Blatantly Firing on the Other?

"The networks gave Trump’s "Second Amendment" crack about stopping Hillary-nominated judges drew five times as much air time as Hillary’s embarrassment when the father of mass-murdering Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen showed up behind her on TV at a Florida rally.

The nation’s top newspapers were even worse.
The New York Times printed a 1,287-word article at the top right of the front page headlined (all caps) "TRUMP SUGGESTS GUN OWNERS ACT AGAINST CLINTON: ALARM AT HIS REMARK." Then beside it was a negative story for Trump as well as one on the editorial page. The Times offered absolutely nothing in the print edition on Mr. Mateen.

The Washington Post wasn’t much better. Like the Times, it plopped the Trump story on top right of Page One, a 1,409-word story. Like the Times, its lead staff editorial piled on. There wasn’t any story on Papa Mateen.

USA Today isn’t exactly in the same territory. They offered a front-page story on Trump’s Second Amendment remarks, as well as a front-page story headlined "Never Trump Ranks Grow." Nothing on Mateen.

Even The Wall Street Journal posted a front-page article Wednesday headlined "New Flap for Trump Over Gun Comments" that went on for 29 paragraphs. The Wednesday paper had no article on Mateen.  Excerpted from  Mrc News Busters


Johnny Rico said...

I've never seen anything like it. This is like something out of Stalinist Russia - propaganda outlets feeding the state's garbage to the masses. It started a few years back with many local newspaper editors coming out against GOP candidates. Remember the editor over in Blowing Rock writing editorials against Virginia Foxx or the other editor at HCP not allowing articles criticizing Virginia Foxx's actions during the Blowing Rock Land Trade? The media bias is entrenched and will not abate. Normally one would think the sheeple might take notice of said bias, however the low IQ of voters on both sides is frightening. The media will continue the assault, and it's not an assault on Donald Trump - they would've done it to whoever the GOP candidate was; it's an assault on YOUR VALUES. Quit thinking in terms of Donald Trump or Billary Clinton. YOUR values are on the line! The media outlets hate things like personal responsibility, independence, patriotism, free thought, etc, and they are coming after those thoughts. Ignore at your peril.

For years the media claimed they wanted a non-politician outsider to get the country back on track. They have one now, and he's vilified to no end. There was a movie with Kevin Costner on this very subject, yet this movie is nowhere to be found during this election season thanks to a similar bias by Hollywood. Wake up folks.

Sarkazein said...

Wow! This is new. Never before has the MSM gone against the Republican. Romney, McCain, Reagan, Bush, and Bush all had fair MSM coverage.... especially Romney even though he killed one of his employees wives with cancer and taunted a sissy kid when he was12. Never before has the MSM been in the bag for a Democrat.
JohnnyRico is right- " ....they would've done it to whoever the GOP candidate was..."

Sarkazein said...

This will be the first Republican candidate to lead with his chin while dealing with the MSM. He needs to wear Kevlar shoes while speaking.