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Thursday, August 25, 2016

How Dare You Call Me Under Educated and a Racist, Hillary!!

Hillary and her pimping media are tarring us Trump supporters with epithets. They are labeling us as the great unwashed and under educated. We are all racists to boot.

All she and her pimps are doing is enraging us and we may never get over it. I take their charges as personal insults. First, the charge of being the undereducated. Beginning with my own immediate family who all support Trump, we have three with Bachelors, three with Masters, and one with a doctorate. All of the higher degree people teach, or have taught, in schools or universities.

As to the charge of racism, that really infuriates me!  I will match my record against Hillary’s any day. For example, giving up my Baptist ministry, I changed denominations because of the treatment of Blacks by my people while teaching in Mississippi. And because my life was threatened for meeting with the Freedom Riders, I had to leave and go to the University of Kentucky.

At Kentucky, I can’t prove it, but in 1962, I may have been the first person to hire black faculty members and graduate assistants at a major all white Southern university.

Also for a number of years, I pastored and loved members of an all Black church. Match that Hillary followers!

Of late, for reasons I don’t understand, the Left has been able to lump Muslims into the race equation. And, many of the uninformed have conflated Muslims with Blacks, thus calling Trump and his followers racists.

As to the charge of being Islamophobic, I wear that epithet with honor. Any Christian who is not Islamophobic is totally illiterate of the Bible. Rather than to try to support that statement, I will just let the reader use this LINK:


Blogger said...

Although the Book of Enoch is not in the canon, it was read and quoted by New Testament writers. It gives a vivid picture of what is the fate of the competing gods. It ain't pretty. You can get it on Kindle.

Democratus Rex said...

It's unfortunate that your candidate does not hold your values.

Johnny Rico said...

It's more unfortunate your candidate does hold your values, or lack thereof. More welfare, more food stamps, less freedom, gun control, open borders, police ineffectiveness, rising hunger, $500.00 EPI PENS, vanishing Ginseng, unreported environmental disasters on an epic scale and many, many more. These are a few of the "values" of the democraps, yet the dumbocrapus types revel in them. Stings don't it.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Sarkazein said...

The picture on the original post is funny because the real photo of Hillary looks worse than the silhouette.

Sarkazein said...

She looks like she's about ready to chow down on Gretel.

Johnny Rico said...

What happened to dumbocrapus perplexed. Running from the truth yet again. LOL

Your ole pal

Don Norton

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Dumpocrapus perplexed still missing in action. I won.

Whitey said...

Dems s**t on blacks again:

Same ol' same ol'.

Whitey said...

So drexi things I'm an evil racist.

Well, who is killing blacks in this country?

Somehow I can't seem to find any numbers on how many blacks were lynched by white people in August.

Maybe you can provide some data drexi?

Sarkazein said...

Whitey- In your link, the Chicago community organizers are calling for MORE Federal money and MORE Federal involvement. They will never learn. It's a community and a generation wasted. It is the shame of liberalism, when it's not working, throw more of other people's money at it and make it worse. Never admit you're wrong, and blame others is the liberal way.

I heard a Liberal in a TV interview try and deflect blame (city crime) and place it on the Republican governor and legislature saying the Liberal Democrat City (another one aside Chicago) was not to blame. To use his reasoning, then all the cities in the state would have to have high murder rates, drug use, prostitution, incarceration, unemployment, high food stamps use, poverty, school drop outs... but they don't, mostly just the liberal Democrat controlled cities do.

Cheap prices on houses in a city? Check the mayor's political Party, crime rate, and the demographics. Truth hurts, but ISIS is a good example of what happens when you lie about the problem and use political correctness to stifle truth.