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Monday, August 1, 2016

Newt Gingrich: Two Conventions, Two Radically Different Versions of Reality

  The conventions offered two radically different versions of reality, says Newt Gingrich,   competing in the political campaigns underway this year--each with their own value systems, sets of ideas, and interpretations of the facts.

The version of reality that many Republicans, Independents, and even some Democrats are experiencing was the basis for the Republican convention in Cleveland. The country is on the wrong track, the government isn’t working, and the problems are getting worse. The threat of terrorism is growing here and around the world. Crime is growing. Police officers are being assassinated at the highest rate in decades.

"They see a country in which the border is not secure and the political class has done nothing about it. They see health care costs going up, with a new law that makes it more complicated and gives people less choice about what doctors they can see. They see a country in which the economy has left ordinary middle class Americans behind and fewer people are working."

That’s the Cleveland convention version of reality. The Philadelphia view is very different.

Democrats see a president who is relatively popular and who has achieved a great deal of his agenda. In this version of reality, eight years of their administration have worked pretty well.

"They and their highly educated friends have good jobs and more influence." "They see a historically high stock market and weak but still positive economic growth." "They see major victories on social issues--although they would like to push the boundaries even further."

They see terrorism as a persistent but manageable problem in which the intolerant and Islamophobic West occasionally provokes clinically insane people to violence. They see crime as low by historic standards and not a major national priority, except for the special case of gun control. They see police abuses and police killings of innocent people as widespread and the product of racism.

These are two very different versions of reality in America.

Both are based on real facts and feelings, assessed using very different value systems.

"If you accept the Cleveland version of reality, you are far more likely to understand the appeal of Donald Trump, who wants to keep Americans safe and would drastically change the bureaucratic systems you see as failing."

"On the other hand, if you accept the Philadelphia version of reality, you are comfortable with a candidate like Hillary Clinton who wants to make minor changes to the status quo."

"These versions of reality in America are about to collide at the ballot box. When the American people vote in November, in part they will be deciding which version of reality is more real than the other." )Excerpted from Newt Gingrich: "Two conventions, two realities and a jarring contrast."  I found the article by googling it, but Fox news would not let me link to it.)

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