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Friday, August 12, 2016

Note to Senator Burr

Dear Senator Burr, We hear that you were surprised by Trump’s Second Amendment comment. I am surprised that you are surprised. Because the comment was made in the context of the power of the NRA’s vote, all the people I know, heard Trump say exactly what he said he said.

I am a psychologist. We use the word "projection" when someone hears something that was not there but is really coming from within themselves. Many people apparently projected their own beliefs about those of us who care about our Second Amendment.


Blogger said...

Projection always tells you more about the person projecting then the one projected upon. This case of distorted projection tells us a lot about attitudes against those of us who "cling to our guns."

Johnny Rico said...

Senator Burr is playing the safe territory as he usually does - the hallmark of an establishment RINO liberal. Burr has never acted to increase your freedom, decrease a large, centralized government, deport illegal aliens, eliminate foreign aid, or increase liberty. His feigned surprise at Trump's excellent comment is yet more evidence of this. When are the sheeple going to wake up and vote RINO Burr out of office and replace him with a Tea Party Conservative?

Burr, along with Foxx, sold out local citizens during the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade. The evidence has been there all along - ignore if you want more government, increased regulation, fewer freedoms and cradle to grave government.

Johnny Rico said...

Burr just sent another patent info message out to his "constituents" regarding stopping terrorists. Another softball safe zone message designed to pacify low information voters unable to ask why Burr himself is not DOING SOMETHING other than creating regulations, creating bigger government, destroying freedom and destroying liberty. The zombie electorate deserves what it's going to get in November.