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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nothing of Importance in Hillary's Emails

  The only congresspersons allowed to see Hillary’s emails have to have the highest security clearance possible. Then they are only allowed to look at them in a secret room, under guard. These messages also have been heavily redacted by intelligence agencies and the state department, some including entire pages.

But hey, Hillary says there is nothing to see here. She never sent or received any classified information. If there is nothing there, then why is their need for high security clearance? And, beyond that, what is the need for redaction?

 Does the FBI really think we are all that stupid that we would not even see the obvious? You just don’t have to redact and you don’t need the highest clearance if there is no there.

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Johnny Rico said...

A Presidency filled by Hillary will open the gates of oppression. Your freedoms will flow away in earnest. If Hillary is elected it empowers liberals. In such a scenario, they will soon realize they can do whatever they please and no one can stop them. From the Supreme Court to rulemaking that will make Obummercare seem like child's play, you will enter the darkest period in American history yet. Dolts like democrapus perplexed will rule the day and rule you. Everything will be on the table too, from weapons confiscation to slavery reparations, to massive land seizures. The ability to exercise that great attribute - personal responsibility - will become impossible and illegal. You will be forced to become dependent on big brother. There will be no other choice.

No one to blame but yourselves though. The NC State Legislature, and thousands of elected RINOs just like them, continue to DO NOTHING. They didn't take heed of the Tea Party warning. Now, they (RINOs) are supporting Hillary over Trump!!!! At this point the British are tougher than the Americans with the BREXIT taking place. Will Americans do it right in November? I seriously doubt it - too many fat, lazy NFL watching morons to care about personal responsibility. True oppression is just about upon you and you, subject that you are, can't even look at a government officials email to judge for yourself what is in them. Amazing.

Brooke Lesman