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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Past Presidential Polls at This Point in August--Not Over Til the Fat Lady Sings

Current politicians are so scared that a non-politician could win this race, that they are trying to use polls to scare people away from Trump. Following are some interesting past election polls at this point in August and then the final outcome:
Truman vs Tomas Dewey (The press was so sure of the polls, that they actually ran headlines that Dewey had won, even though Truman won.)
August Poll 40% 46%
Final 50% 45%

Carter vs Ford (no one suggested Ford should drop out)
54% 32%
Final 50% 48%

Bush vs Dukakis (anyone heard of president Dukakis?)
42% 49%
Final 53% 46%

Bush vs Gore (Gore almost took Bush)
54% 37%
Final 48% 48%

Some other polls, in which August polls didn’t teach us much when it came to the final outcome::

Franklin Roosevelt vs Wendell Wilkie
46% 44%
Final 55% 45%

Franklin Roosevelt vs Thomas Dewey
47% 45%
Final 53% 46%

Kennedy vs Nixon
48% 47%
Final 50% 50%

Reagan vs Jimmy Carter
39% 39%
Final 51% 41%

Obama vs John McCain
45% 45%
Final 53% 46%

Obama vs Romney
45% 47%
Final 51% 47%


Blogger said...

Right now Real Clear Politics has Hillary with a 7.5 average lead. However, added into that average are 2 outlying polls with her at double digit leads. There are also 4 reputable polls in the +2 to +4 range. So what does it all mean? Notice that not even Fox reports this information. The media all point to the high outliers. There is also some research that indicates that anti-Trump people have become so insane that many people won’t even tell the pollsters they are voting for Trump. For example, when I told one of my few liberal friends I was a Trump supporter, she became so enraged, I had to leave. One person said he was a Trump supporter the other day, was actually shot. It is getting really crazy out there.

Robert mckinon said...

You are nothing short of a fool.

Johnny Rico said...

Robert Mckidnon,

Does your one line quip qualify your ignorance or your inability to assail Blogger's post? Either way, the fact you disagree some facet of conservatism, but are unwilling, or probably unable, to explain why immediately banishes you to the trash heap. Keep pecking away on your girlfriend's laptop while she's away at work supporting you. LOL

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Blogger said...

Thanks JR. For the life of me, I can't figure what in this post set him off. Some other of my posts I could understand. But not this one.