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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Scaredy Cat Republicans

A number of Republican politicians say they will not support Trump even if it means they will have to live with Hillary the next 8 years. They all give their reasons but I truly believe that the real fear is that if a non-politician does a good job, in the future people will begin to do away with the political class.  Here they are


Blogger said...

They all give reasons, but each time I hear one of them, I hear them arrogantly proclaiming: "We in the political class are just so much smarter than all you thirteen and a half million stupid people."

Also, one of the big casualties for me was losing some of my favorite pundits for the same reason--Bill Crystal, Erik Erickson, David Brooks, George Will, Rich Lowry. Their condescending attitude toward the millions of us who support Trump, not only stopped me reading or listening to them, but I had to cancel my subscriptions to the Weekly Standard and the National Review.

I am also sad about losers like John Kasich. I liked him and had not idea he could be so immature as he is acting now.

Sarkazein said...

I say there is a difference between "supporting" a candidate and voting for a candidate. Most of those comments said they would not "support" Mr Trump. Who they will vote for is between them and their ballot box.

You can't be purposefully controversial and expect everyone to "support" you. If that were true, every candidate would be controversial which would actually mean no candidate would be controversial and everybody would be flamboyant and shout out insults like they were The Dozens.

Johnny Rico said...

The Scardy Cat Republicans are the very same ones that told us to vote for Romney and McCain even though we knew those two sellouts were liberals. Shoe's on the other foot, and the establishment have become hypocrites. I've watched time and again RINOs attack Trump with far, far more ferocity than they did Hussein obummer and billary Clinton. Again, hypocrites.

This is Ken Cuccinnelli magnified. One would think the RINOs learned a lesson that the base is pissed off, but they are spiraling downwards soon to hit the hard ground. As I've said for a decade now, there is precious little difference between a RINO and a Dumbocrat.

Blogger said...

Jeb and Kasich charges Trump for not holding conservative values. Someone asked "What values? Reneging on promises?