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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The overall goal of the Trump Economic Plan is to keep American jobs and wealth at home, by:
Cutting Regulations...
Cutting and simplifying taxes
Renegotiate and enforce trade agreements

NOTABLE QUOTES (some of these are paraphrased)
   "Unnecessary regulations have been estimated to cost up to a million new jobs in the U.S. each year, and to have cost us as much as 25% of the size of our overall economy.
"Hillary Clinton proposed regulations would make the creation of small businesses in America virtually impossible."
“The 5% unemployment number used by the government is the biggest ruse in modern politics”
“Isolation is not an option.”
“A Trump administration will end the war on the America worker.”
Trump noted the New York Post article on how Hillary ran her campaign for the Senate in NY promising the creation of 200K new jobs in NY. While she represented NY in the Senate jobs added to NY were stagnate, and manufacturing jobs had a catastrophic collapse.
“Education reforms will help parents send their children to the school of their choice.”
“Without security there can be no prosperity. We must have law and order.”
“One of the first acts of my presidency will be to repeal and replace Obamacare”
“We will have our allies paying their fair share of our joint defense plans.”
“We will insure that our vets will get the care they were promised and deserve.”
“Detroit will come roaring back. We will rebuild our infrastructure and American cars will drive on our roads, American planes will fill our skies, America ships will patrol the seas, American steel will rebuild our cities with new skyscrapers, and American workers will build them."
“We need to stop believing in politicians and start believing in our great country. They want you to think small; but it is time to think big.” (From Rick Joyner Facebook)

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