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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump--God's Warrior


The media assault on Trump is unprecedented. Political analyst Pat Caddell (Democrat pollster) says, "This is the crisis of democracy—the mainstream media, which is in the tank in the most violent way against Donald Trump, and for Hillary Clinton, that I have ever seen in the 45 years that I have been at the top of presidential politics."

The author continues: "You have to wonder: What is it about this man, Trump, that unhinges liberals, media, academia and the establishment class in politics? This is more than an issue of personal style. There is a spiritual storm surrounding this election."

"Barack Obama deliberately ran as a blank canvas that voters could paint on to make him become what they wanted him to be. Trump is the opposite. He is in some strange way a mirror that reflects back whatever you are. Some people "get" him and others don't, and those who don't never will."

"Under Hillary, America will undergo the final phase of Obama's radical socialist cultural transformation with astonishing speed. Just one man stands in its path."

"Unlike any candidate in electoral history, Trump has shaken up the establishment in media and politics. Until Trump arrived, a handful of insiders held the undisputed power to prop one contender up or take an unruly voice down. As media found out, they can only break you if they make you. They didn't make Donald."

Dr. Lance Wallnau is called "a catalytic thought leader" and is a very prominent thinker in Christian circles.


Johnny Rico said...

Good article, and spot on. The media, establishment, and, of course, liberals are in a near panic that someone like Trump stands even a chance of upsetting the communist utopia upon us. One day in November, election day, determines your personal freedoms for decades to come. Those Supreme Court Justices rank at the very top of many important issues decided BY US on election day. The liberal communists and establishment RINOs smell blood and won't relent until each one of YOU has been rebalanced, rebranded, or relegated to oblivion. Make no mistake, it won't stop if Trump loses, it's only the beginning. The liberals have as much at stake as you do in this election. If they win, they win completely with America going the way of Venezuela or South Africa. If they lose, their cause is upended and exposed for what it is - an assault on personal liberty, safety, and common sense. They are fighting very hard to keep the momentum they've held for the past 16 years. I said 16 years because George Bush was little different than obummer. Bush gave me just as many needless environmental regulations as obummer, if not more.

November will be an interesting month. All may be lost anyway, not matter who wins (too little too late kind of thing), however it would be most interesting to watch Trump dismantle the establishment with whatever his brand of governance would be. Watching Lindsey Graham, Mitt RINO Romney, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Hildebeast Clinton, Debbie Washerwoman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and other liberals pulling out their hair and screaming would be a welcome sight wouldn't it?

Whitey said...

Maybe Trump will stop Obama's support of child sex slaves in the muslim world.