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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Told Us the System is Rigged

When Trump started his run, he explained that he knew how the buying of politicians is done. He did it himself. "It’s a rigged system."

So now he is the candidate. Many former big donors, as well as the fat cats of Wall Street, have zipped up their wallets or even declared they are supporting Hillary. So, there it is just like Trump said. It is all out in the open. Hillary can be bought. Trump can’t.  The usual suspects

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Blogger said...

All the usual suspects give their reasons. But we all know that we have had very flawed candidates lately, but for the sake of the party, we held our noses and voted. They definitely can not say that Trump does not support conservative values.
I say it again, the obvious reason they are not supporting this particular candidate is they know they won't get anything for their money.