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Monday, August 1, 2016

Under Obama. Have a job? Retirement Savings Working? Seeing Your Own Doc?)

How is your version of the convention reality working for you?  (Follow up on previous article.)

Jobs: I have four members of my family who graduated this past year. One has his second masters. Two are now working part time on a masters. Not a single one has found a job in their field!!

Retirement: When I planned my retirement, experts said I could plan on an average of 6% on my savings to provide a comfortable retirement. They didn’t warn me that Obama was coming and I would be .06 not 6. Worse time in my lifetime to retire.

Keeping my own doctor: "You will be able to keep your own doctor," Obama said. When I called for an appointment to see my own doctor, I got an appointment for five months from then. The other day, I had a medical scare. I called the specialist’s office that handled my kind of problem. They gave me an appointment nearly three months away–and this with a PA. (I had predicted that this jam up would be this way. The reason I said, would be because the ding bat president and his party would throw huge funds into care and do nothing about increasing the number of health care providers. That is exactly what happened. And worse Obamacare ran a lot of physicians out of practice.)

They should have trained the health care professionals first. However, government can never do things right.) (Back when we realized we had fallen behind Russia in scientists and mathematicians, we created a crash program called the National Defense Education Act. Besides boosting our math and science programs, we also trained high school guidance counselors. Their role was to identify promising young people and get them into college. I directed three year-long programs of this.)

Another problem I foresaw would be that people who had never had health insurance would abuse it. I knew this because when I was in private practice in another town, companies began to add psychology in their policies. We then got a flood of people who came in just because it was now on their policy. Some just came to see what it was all about, many of whom were not good candidates for treatment.

Anyway, how is your version of reality working for you?

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