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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Entire Media Freaks Out After Trump Over-Performance in Forum

 Ashe Schow  Schow   wrote:
“The biggest news to come out of Wednesday night’s candidate forum was not anything said by either Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump.
No, the biggest story of the night was how NBC host Matt Lauer allegedly failed at his job as a journalist. Lauer, who has been a journalist since 1979, who has co-hosted The Today Show since 1997, who was live during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, and who has won numerous Emmy awards for his coverage.

Suddenly, Lauer is garbage, no better—in the eyes of the mainstream media—than some basement-dwelling right-wing blogger.

His sin? He allowed Trump to speak during the candidate forum, and didn’t press the Republican presidential nominee on his answers to the liking of the liberal media.”

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Johnny Rico said...

Beginning tomorrow morning, watch a new wave of unrelenting media attacks on Trump. Last week was terrible for billary, and her guardians at the major media centers won't let this go uncontested. They will be coming up with something to damage Trump, you can bet on it.

Trump should shift his talking points to the Supreme Court and start hammering home the message that the last check and balance that's effectively kept liberalism at bay for a quarter century will be completely lost in the next 60 days. Then again, if the low information electorate doesn't already realize that, then we're already done.

Blogger said...

One observer says the vicious attack by nearly all the left media is a calculated warning to frighten the debate moderators. He says they know these people are the ones who will be at the cocktail parties with them.