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Thursday, September 15, 2016

What is A Generational Snowflake?

 One of our uninformed readers wanted to know why I called college students “snowflakes.”  He could have found out for himself on Wikipedia and all over the internet.  The best article I found actually comes from a British magazine.Generational Snowflake

The author starts: “Another week, another spate of barmy campus bans and ‘safe space’ shenanigans by a new breed of hyper–sensitive censorious youth. At Oxford University, law students are now officially notified when the content of a lecture might upset them.”  It all seems beyond parody. ‘What is wrong with these thin-skinned little emperors?’ we cry. But while we can harrumph and sneer at Generation Snowflake’s antics, we miss a crucial point: we created them.”  “Today, parents go to ludicrous lengths to eliminate all risk from their children’s lives.”

“It is important to note that young people who cry offense are not feigning hurt — generational fragility is a real phenomenon. Speaking at numerous school and university events in recent years, I’ve noticed an increasingly aggrieved response from my young audience to any argument I put forward that they don’t like. They are genuinely distressed by ideas that run contrary to their worldview”.

“One conundrum presents itself when it comes to Generation Snowflake: how its apparent hypersensitivity is often combined with an almost belligerent sense of entitlement. ‘Validate our subjective, wounded feelings, or else.”


Blogger said...

Snowflakes at ASU: When the Board of Elections suggested one voting place for all, the Democrats went ballistic. “You are creating a hardship for the snowflakes.”

Then when the Board of Elections suggested a place that all citizens could get to at Legends, paraphrasing the Chancellor, No, we have to protect our little snowflakes.

Blogger said...

It is interesting that Wikipedia actually gives a caveat suggesting their description of snowflakes could be faulty. Actually, the article was dead on. Some snowflakes must have complained and Wikipedia responded like the frightened college professors.

Anonymous said...

“You are creating a hardship for the snowflakes.”

Professor Emeritus, where and who made this statement, since it is quoted?

Sarkazein said...

Cupcake, is that all you have to add?

Anonymous said...

Answer the question, cornflake.

Blogger said...

Don't know. Was it you headache?