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Monday, October 3, 2016

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open - SNL


Sarkazein said...

The Debate Commission admitted there was a problem with Mr Trump's microphone. Have you heard that covered on the MSM even a tenth of the time his "sniffles" was covered? I heard the noise while watching the debate, but there was no head or nose movement to go along with it. The MSM has gone off the deep end on this election. Maybe a little has to do with Mr Trump's never ending insults about the media.

Sarkazein said...

Alec Baldwin has become a homely guy as he ages ungracefully. In the SNL skit, they make Trump (Baldwin) look homelier than the real Mr Trump and they make Hillary look better than she, Hillary, ever has or ever will look no matter how many nips and tucks and spatula applied makeup jobs she gets.

Sarkazein said...

The woman who plays Hillary in the SNL skit is 30 years younger and an axe handle narrower than Hillary.