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Friday, October 7, 2016

October Surprise

    Today’s October surprise turns out to be Trump trash-talking. I really had expected many more such stories of his playboy days. So, I had early on braced myself. The big surprise for me was that there weren’t any until a few days before the election.

If anyone cares about my opinion now after today's story, it is as follows:

Hillary’s Supreme Court appointments will ruin the country for years to come.

Hillary’s tax raises and regulations will destroy the economy.

Hillary’s attack on the First and Second amendments are too awful to contemplate.

Hillary’s open border stance will destroy the country.

Four years of having to listen to that voice and that laugh is beyond imagination.

So, finding out that Trump trash-talks like many past presidents, is not a deal breaker for me.


Anonymous said...

You should be very proud of your candidate. He represents you well.

Whitey said...

Yes, I am.

A heterosexual man who appreciates beautiful women and enjoys sex.

VERY non liberal.

Cyclops said...

Blogger, It's also not a deal breaker for me either since I agree with you completely about a Hillary presidency. But is is another nail in the coffin for Trump as many more Republicans and Independents will now refuse to support him.

Best case scenario would be for Trump to promise to resign immediately if he should win the election and turn the Presidency over to Mike Pence, a real conservative with political acumen and legislative and executive experience.

Sarkazein said...

The last couple of threads show that the Conservative/Republican/not-a-Democrat is an independent thinker. There are some for Mr Trump and some against on the Right. On the other side, the Left, they are in lock-step. They dare not speak out about the twice un-indicted co-conspirator, sexual assault enabler, known liar and greedy money grubber that is the overwhelming choice of the Democrat voter. Not a word of anti-Hillary for the absolute phony life that is the life of the Clinton family. At least in this election, the Left, the Democrats, are truly the sheeple, not a word against Dear Leader.