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Saturday, November 26, 2016


Private Jets Gassing Up For the Left's Pilgrimage to Havana 

  Leftist movie stars and other celebrities including perhaps one Barrack Hussein Obama will raise Earth's temperature next week as the pilgrimage to Havana becomes the must be seen at event of the year. It will be a place for praise of Castro's murderess past and praise of his confiscation of personal property and businesses from Cuba's then evil corporations and middle class. $500 designer Che' T-shirts will be worn instead of Western ties and Trump-like business suits. The new Pope will give the eulogy in an attempt to console the NYC mayor and his grieving family. 



Sarkazein said...

Will Kaepernik (SP) stand or will he kneel at Castro's funeral?


Sarkazein said...

The Left's talking heads, including Bernie Sanders, are praising Castro's national healthcare and education. Cuba is a prison nation with Cubans risking their lives and their loved ones lives escaping that Communist prison. So it is obvious the American Left thinks it a fair trade off... free healthcare and education for your freedom.