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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Falling On My Sword

    I tried on Election Day to post a comment to say I would be happier than anyone if I was wrong in my last comment about the outcome of the election but I couldn't get through. I had not predicted the outcome until the morning of the election. I was feeling the pain of a threat of a Hillary presidency with four years of her yelling at and insulting American citizens as she did in her campaign.  At 3:45 AM post election results I was ecstatic. The next day I kept getting feelings of great relief. My Second Amendment is safe, meaning my freedom is safe. I haven't been rubbing it in to any Lefties because I can see the pain they are in... and I am enjoying every minute of their crying faces and the surprised faces of the elite Clintonistas who lost to a non-politition. 
    Unlike Obama who could never rise to the position of President of the United States as he remained a political hack for the far Left Democrats, President-Elect Trump will be capable of rising to that position. 
     Probably the only ones happier than me are the Secret Service Agents that can send her down the road... alone. 


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