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Sunday, November 13, 2016

God Answered Our Prayers For Trump

81% of Evangelicals went for Trump which totally bumfuzzled the media.  We were below their radar.  What these media snobs could not comprehend was that God told us He wanted Trump.

Our greatest Evangelical leaders who have a near perfect record for hearing God, were prophesying God’s message to us–many from the get-go and others along the way.   Because we believe that God has given us dominion over the earth, then it became our obligation to pray His will until it was manifested on earth.

Following is an excerpt from Charisma one of our leading journals explaining how God answered our election prayers.   The author writes: “As I attended prayer events and participated on prayer calls with thousands of Christians over the months, I noticed clear trends in how believer's prayed:”
Here is how they prayed: and how the prayers were answered:

“They prayed that the party platform best reflecting biblical values would prevail.”
1. Answered prayer: The Republican Platform prevailed.  Some have said it is the most biblical in the history of our nation.

       2.They prayed that the press would report the truth, which would affect voters' hearts and minds.
Answered prayer: It appears that the late voters were influenced by the press away from Hillary and to Trump.

      3.  They prayed that there would be a stirring in the American public to vote for conservative values.

Answered prayer: There is a clear trend that Democrats moved clearly toward the more conservative candidate, with a slighter trend of more Republicans voting for the conservative candidate.

     4.  They prayed that the church would be stirred to vote for the conservative candidate.
Answered prayer: There is a clear trend with the Democratic voter bloc, and a slight trend among the Republican voter bloc to support the conservative candidate.

The author offered a few conclusions to this long grueling campaign season.

“I can tell you that more unified prayer went into this election than any in our nation's history. I can say this simply because of the use of technology to mobilize prayer. Social media, webcasts, conference calls and prayer resources were all used in great measure to bring people together to pray the promises of Scripture. There have been nationwide fasts and prayer desperately calling out for God's hand to move in America across many prayer networks. It is incredible to join God in shaping history through prayer and fasting!”

See next post for how Blogger prayed.

1 comment:

Sarkazein said...

My prayers, also known as windshield time, were somewhat on the negative side as I prayed Hillary would lose and I reminded Him the bigger the loss the better.
Now, I will pray for President-Elect Trump to make the Hillary loss a godsend.