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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Great Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Post by Guy Faulkes

 This blog stimulates political thinking as does no other. The young people are correct in thinking this country is in a civil war and is going up in flames. Thank God for that.

This country was founded when Joe Everyman became tired of
living with the foot of an oppressor on his neck. As the greatest of the founding fathers, Patrick Henry said "is peace so dear and life so sweet that it should be purchased at the cost of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me give me liberty or give me death!" (The quote may not be word for word, but the idea is the same.)

It took a revolutionary shooting war to found this country. A political war that has been going on ever since took its place. Read the Federalist Papers and the rebuttals to them to obtain an idea of the feelings about creating a federal government during this period. This war continues to this day and hopefully always will.

As a constitutional republic, we elect our leaders to keep oppressors feet off our necks, including those of members of our own government. Unfortunately, many of these people eventually come to beleave that they know what is better for us than we do so we have to repeat the circle. Vigilance must be eternal.

This circle of oppression has been a long and unusually harsh one. There was a very effective strategy to convince the public that they need government to take care of them and be subject to it instead of the government being subject to the people. There has always been those that want a nanny state, but not to this extent. Many people were bought off with bread and circuses. This was done by both parties to keep the establishment in power.

Trump's victory was a result of the ship righting itself politically. People became so angry that they abandoned the Republican party line and elected an outsider. This person's victory could not have been possible in a general election without support from both independents and Democrats.

It has been said that there are three boxes that insure freedom. These are the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. Hopefully we will never have to go to the third one, but I have a feeling we were getting close to it. If Hillary had been elected and had tried to do away with the right to own guns, and had been supported by a Supreme Court filled with her appointees, it would have been on.

If we want to avoid a shooting war, then the political war can never stop. The nanny state proponents have a victim personality and will always feel persecuted. There is nothing that can be done to change this situation.


Blogger said...

Progressives are clueless. They blame their failure on racism and sexism. They even blame the media and Comey of all things. Therefore, they can’t change. Even turncoat George Will, who is now back on the train was explaining that Americans finally tired of being arrogantly told “we know what’s best for you. We will tell you what size light bulbs to use–how much water you can have in your toilet, what fuel you can use etc. etc.” The people had enough and sent a message. Only problem is progressives have such an exaggerated self opinion they are not going to hear it.

guy faulkes said...

Some time back, a Republican posted on this blog that Trump's candidacy was going to result in a massive defeat for the Republican party and set it back for fifty years as per the Goldwater example he used. As it turned out those of us that felt the people of this country wanted a choice and not the same solutions to the same problems that have not worked for decades were correct.

For this country to recover from the accumulative damage that has been done to it, many painful measures will have to be taken. For instance, the illegal immigration problem will have to be solved. A work esthetic is going to have to replace the gimme gimme esthetic that liberals of both parties established in order to by votes. The cost of health care will have to be addressed and lessened through competition among providers. Over restrictive regulations will need to be eliminated and government agencies will have to be reduced in size or eliminated. Taxes will have to be reduced and investment in business to create jobs and the economy. The social security problem will have to be addressed as there is a moral obligation to provide for those forced to participate in it for their entire working lives. Individual civil rights such as those confirmed in the Bill of Rights will need constant protection. Then there are socially moral issues such as abortion that will come into play.

I would like to see if we could have an adult discussions about the result that will come about when Trump tries to address some of them. Will the result be that the "progressives" will be able to overcome reform and return to the same old same old or will those that actually produce be able to hold the course? It took decades to reduce the country to its present condition. How long, if it can ever be done, will it take to make it recover? Is this a chance for recovery or is it a bump in the road on the path to having to come back out of the ashes? Will people be willing to make the needed sacrifices or will it have to be forced on them? After all, the direction we were headed in was doomed to fail so change would have eventually have occurred in any case. Do enough people realize this fact?

If my liberal friends respond with the same ideology they always use, please tell me why it will work now after failing for years.

Is Rico finally going to be able to see the conservatives "DO SOMETHING"?