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Monday, November 21, 2016

Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Are Supposed to Fade Away

Past presidents with the exception of doofus Carter showed class by quietly fading away. Obama, as usual announces he has no class and, like Castro, plans to torture us with his speeches into the future.

The people all across the hinterland soundly sent him a message to go away.

The way I explain his pigheadedness is that I believe Americans screwed up by sending him a mixed message. After long periods of unfavorable ratings below 50%, last summer the people believed they finally were relieved of him. At that point Obama’s favorables finally inched above 50.

But, at the same time the "America is on the wrong track hovered between 70 and upper 80's most of his tenure." Either Obama ignores that poll or his people never let him see it.

To make sense of this conflict, I choose to believe that his wrong track numbers and his repudiation at the polls have to do with his performance. On the other hand, his favorability polls, have to do with his personality. People think he is cute. They factored that cuteness into his favorability.

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Sarkazein said...

Two of the worst Presidents trying to re-invent their legacies. Clinton running a close second. All three trying to show they are not as dumb as they were.