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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Prophets Not Below the Radar After All

    In my article Aswered Prayer below, I said we prophets were operating below the radar. However, the following was Published in USA Today in bold headlines entitled: "THERE WERE PROPHETS WHO GOT IT RIGHT" by Josh Hafner who wrote:
"Tuesday morning, as every major election model predicted a defeat for Donald Trump, a South Carolina minister named Rick Joyner wrote on Facebook that he foresaw a different outcome."

"This is the poll that counts,"Joyner wrote of the election, "and all of the signs point to a strong Trump victory tonight."

He continued: "If you don't think the polls reveal that, you're right."

Many evangelicals view Joyner, the founder of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mills, as a prophetic voice who describes hearing and seeing divine revelations from God, often on current events. More than 200,000 follow Joyner's Facebook page, where he frequently posts about U.S. politics. And in the months leading up to Nov. 8, Joyner's feed offered a window into world of charismatic evangelicals whose election predictions flew in the face of data-driven pollsters.

And they ended up being right." (Rick Joyner is the minister I, Blogger,  partner with and mentioned in my article.)


Cyclops said...

I'll confess I never believed Trump could win and often said so, even though I voted for him. While I was shocked and stunned by the election results, I've never been happier to be wrong. That being said, I am already seeing signs that Trump will not govern as a movement conservative and may turn out to be more of a RINO than most conservatives thought could never happen.

He is already back tracking from building a wall, repealing Obamacare and , worst of all, trying to appease the liberal press by retreating from the myth of man-made climate change. In addition, his failure so far to name Rudy and Newt to influential posts in the new Administration is deeply troubling to me, as is his attempt to gain favor with the NY Times.

So I hope all you die hard Trump backers will not turn a blind eye to his flirtation with RINOs, Democrats and the liberal MSM. Just because he won does not guarantee a conservative Administration.

guy faulkes said...

Cyclops, most of us did not back Trump. We backed a political philosophy that Trump seemed to agree with, If he abandons that philosophy, he will rue he day as did the establishment Republicans.

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- You speaketh too soon. The media is doing all it can do to make it look like the first 2 weeks of the transition are in turmoil.

"his failure so far..." 2 Weeks!
Also, it is very patriotic of the "establishment" to forgive Candidate Trump's assault on Reagan's legacy and to offer their support in his administration.

Cyclops said...

Sark, I am not speaking too soon. I watching with an open mind and baited breath. But he has already back tracked some on man-made global warming with only a little pressure from the liberal press. If he really tries to reverse U.S policy on the climate change hoax, the pressure to conform to liberal conventional wisdom will be incredibly intense.

Anonymous said...

Cyclops...I almost always agree with you but I have resigned myself to the fact that Trump is very likely to disappoint me often in the years to come. But, he will constantly be "NOT HILLARY" and, frankly, that is enough for me to keep supporting him.

guy faulkes said...

Trump may require a lot of pressure to keep him on the straight and narrow. If he does, it is up to us to give it to him.