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Thursday, December 1, 2016

A President Trump and the Most Important Amendment


GuyFaulkes Commented On the Republicans and Their Support of the Future of the 2nd.

There is an excellent cortical in AMERICA'S FIRST
FREEDOM magazine ((December 2016 issue)(a publication of the NRA) about the tactics of the left in in taking a small amount of your rights as part of a "common sense compromise" in which you relieve nothing in return, and then repeating the process a little later.They have found they can succeed by chipping away st your resolve to oppose them and eventually conditioning the public to their point of view. The author users England's gun control policies and the disarmament of its people as an example but indicates the only reason it is taking linger here is that we are a constitutional republic that believes government is subservient to he people instead of having the cultural heritage of being ruled by a king (monarchy). However, the tactic works here as per their success in the past. It just takes longer. 
WE have had many pro-gun victories lately, both on the federal and state levels. I found the following concerning Trumps gun control proposals on the internet.
Trump’s gun policies – maybe….
This just appeared on the Trump website:
He will focus on:
- Enforcement of existing laws
- Elimination of magazine and "assault weapon" bans nationwide
- Fix mental health system
- Make reporting to NICS mandatory for the states
- Establish national right to carry
- Allow military personnel to carry on base and in facilities
The shoe may now be on the other foot if Trump follows through with these proposals Rico might get to see the Republicans do something. My question is : do you think the Republicans will support this? They have both houses and could do it in one fell swoop, but would probably do it in selections. What do you think needs to be added to the proposals? I would like the repeal of the 1968 and 1938 gun control acts.


Sarkazein said...

The strongest Governor/President I know of who repaired the Left's damage to the 2nd was W. The only thing that can stop a President Trump is a filibuster. Schummer is a giant sissy anti-gun Democrat.
LBJ signed in the 1968 law with a Democrat controlled Congress. Nixon took Office in Jan 1969. I don't know about the 1938 Law, but it would have been FDR.

Sarkazein said...

I like his "National Right To Carry". It just might cause NY, CA, CT, NM, Il, Md to build a wall around their borders (Hi won't have to). But it should be in all 50 states, it is a US right, not only a state right.