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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Petition to Remove Chris Suprun, Faithless Elector

  A "faithless" elector in Texas said that he won’t vote as promised for President-elect Donald Trump when the Electoral College convenes to complete its process later in December. This petition just started two days ago now has over 25,000 votes.
Petition to Remove Faithless Elector

Google--Petition on Conservative Web Sites

Dec 6, 2016 — In United States presidential elections, a faithless elector is a member of the United States Electoral College who does not vote for the presidential or vice-presidential candidate for whom they had pledged to vote. That is, they lack faith in the pledge and vote for another candidate, or fail to vote, or choose not to vote. A pledged elector can become a faithless elector only by breaking their pledge.

U.S. Supreme Court
The constitutionality of state pledge laws was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1952 in Ray v. Blair[8] in a 5–2 vote. The court ruled states have the right to require electors to pledge to vote for the candidate whom their party supports, and the right to remove potential electors who refuse to pledge prior to the election.


Sarkazein said...

I was going to sign the petition, but Chris said he is going to vote for Romney.

Sarkazein said...

Just kidding. I signed it.

Anonymous said...

Why so scared? He may not be a Komrad? Remember, Komrad Trump

Blogger said...

The petition now has 36,574 supporters and is in the hands of the Texas governor. He is going over it with legal consultants. Stay tuned in. By the way Suprun lied about being a first responder. A lot of stuff is being dug up on him but I can't decide if any of it is fake news.

Sarkazein said...

These are Chris's tweets before his vote: