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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Too Many Bars Carry Fox News

Voters wiped out the Democrats at every level.  Now the Dems have to figure out what happened.  Fortunately, Obama has explained it.  Too many bars in America carry Fox News.
Psychologists have studied people who cannot learn from their experience.   One study of business leaders found three errors: They make what psychologists call fundamental attribution errors. They develop an overconfidence bias, becoming so self-assured that they think no change  needed. They also experience the failure-to-ask-why syndrome and neglect to investigate the causes of those with good performance.

Other psychologists have even discovered brain wiring problems in those who can’t learn from experience.

Those of us outside the Democrat party think we understand their failure.   People were feeling the country was going to hell in a handbasket.  Dems had no plan to fix it.  Instead, they believed they could gain power by simply cobbling together the groups of the most insecure and promise each group goodies–identity politics.

Unfortunately they had not counted on Americans growing up.  As we say down South “That dog don’t hunt no more.”


Sarkazein said...

Re-electing Pelosi to Minority Leader shows both greed and childish fear of the Democrats in the House. She has the money and the Democrat Representatives fear being weaned from Mama Pig.

Sarkazein said...

Should read: "shows both greed and their fear of being weaned from Mama Pig."