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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump the Giant Killer

One of our commenters wrote "Enjoy the next 4 years... it's the GOP's extinction." That was the exact mantra we heard all last year. Even some Republicans were wringing their hands and sobbing that Trump would take the party down, never to return. Well here is the true story:

"There are 25 states in which the state legislatures and governorships are now controlled by Republicans, and two states with executive/legislative divides in which there are Republican legislative majorities large enough to override a veto from the Democratic governor. Sixty-eight of the country’s 98 partisan state legislative chambers are Republican-run.

There are only four states with Democratic governors and legislatures; it is true that these include one of our most populous states (California), but the majority of Americans live in states in which there are Republican trifectas or veto-proof legislative majorities.

Two-thirds of the nation’s governors are Republicans; more than two-thirds of our state legislative houses are under Republican control. Republicans control both houses of Congress and have just won the presidency."

Democrats do control the dean of students’ office at Oberlin.

And Democrats have responded to their recent electoral defeat with riots, arson, and  conspiracy theories. Not a good way to woo the public. National Review


Wolf's Head said...

Personally, I'm OK with the GOP's extinction. They have screwed us over many, many times.

The democrats are almost extinct except in urban areas. See this article in Politico about their dying out across rural America:

All political parties are parasites on the Republic.

Blogger said...

Wolf's Head. I know where you are coming from but I also know that as ineffective as it is, it is the one viable party that fights for the tenth amendment: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." It is this amendment that makes us a divided country as nearly everything the government has done from Franklin Roosevelt on has been unconstitutional. Did you hear Trump's trumpeting that we will be returning the government to the states and the people?

Wolf's Head said...

I truly believe that PRESIDENT TRUMP (ha ha smowflakes!) wants to do so.

However, the Congressional Republicans will be fighting him on it AND they are the only ones who can stop him.

Read your senator tillis's op ed in the Charlotte Observer and see what I mean.

Blogger said...

I read Tills op ed. What the hell did he say?

Blogger said...

I meant to ask you Wolfe were you able to decipher tillis?

Wolf's Head said...

Limbaugh covered Tillis' op ed on his program the other day and I agree with his conclusions.

Tillis doesn't think republicans have a mandate from the election, and that the republicans were given the majority TO WORK AND COMPROMISE with the dems to end gridlock.

As a friend said, Tillis is 2 degrees from being a democrat himself.

The country doesn't need compromise with the dems, we need to crush them.

Blogger said...

I wrote Tillis and told him that we couldn't make sense of the op ed. So, I asked "Bottom line. Are you going to support our president to get his agenda done?" Or, will you be one of the snakes in the grass that Dick Norris has identified?"

Sarkazein said...

"Obama kept his promise about Hope and Change, he just forgot to tell us it would take 8 years."- Unknown