Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fox's Lou Dobbs Had a Ball Twittering During Comey Hearing

   The President did not twitter during the Comey hearing like some either hoped or feared.  Instead he didn't watch and went on with the people's business.  However, Lou Dobbs made up for it by twittering the whole time.  Here are his tweets.

Comey just said he shares Potus desire to stop leaks and was utterly oblivious to his admission that he's a leaker.

Comey just insulted, FBI agents’ integrity saying words could chill the investigation of collusion.

Comey is an embarrassing, weak and ineffective person to have ever led the FBI...And was a leaker as well.

A Daffodil--Comey admits not strong enough to speak directly to Donald Trump, that he spoke somewhat "cowardly" way.

Comey has already had to admit that nothing Donald Trump said would have been obstruction of justice and was not being investigated.

Burr wasted his time and looks like, at best, a tool ,simply an appalling series of questions.

Comey opens with whining remarks. Admits Donald Trump never tried to interfere in Russian investigation.

Warner is a sanctimonious leftist blowhard who's trying to overturn the election and subvert Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

Blogger you need a better source of information, you may want to consider professional journalism.

Anonymous said...

Things most reasonable citizens know are Trump lies almost on a daily basis and Comey has a reputation of being truthful.

Sarkazein said...

Your arguments are weak if you write things like- "most reasonable citizens know..."