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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Left's Attack on Hannity Backfires

    The  liberal media watchdog group, Media Matters, which was founded by George Soros, last week published a list of companies that advertise on Hannity’s show. The list includes more than 150 companies that have sponsored Sean Hannity since May 1.  It is part of the left’s frantic attempt to shut down Fox.

Along with publishing these names of companies, the left created a war room of young hacker-types who created algorithms for sending out tons of mail to these sponsors, appearing to come from multiple sources all around the country.  The letters threatened boycotts for sponsoring Hannity.

But finally, once spineless conservatives are mounting an effective counter-attack.  First, they sent out their own letters reminding the companies that over 60 million Americans voted for Trump and asked them if they were prepared to infuriate that many people.

Then last week, a group called  Media Equalizer announced that it was beginning a campaign to “push back .”  First, they took aim at MSNBC.“We've got to stop Media Matters  from engaging in this kind of activity,” Media Equality Project co-founder Melanie Morgan told The Washington Post. “It's wrong, it's un-American and we're just going to hit them until they surrender.”

“To do so, Morgan said they plan to adopt Media Matters' methods. Its first target? Liberal MSNBC star Rachel Maddow. Along with its Tuesday announcement, the new group posted a list of companies — along with their contact information — that advertise on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” labeling the host “an outright liar, and someone who deceives the public and defames conservatives on a daily basis.”

The counter attack is working and Hannity stays.


Anonymous said...

It's one thing to call Maddow a liar. It's a completely different thing to present evidence and proof of that claim. Good luck.

Your president sets a fine example for truth and humility that you obviously emulate.

guy faulkes said...

"Your president sets a fine example for truth and humility that you obviously emulate" - Goofus

Thank you!

Blogger said...

It is sad that we have to fight back with the same weapons the left use on us, but we have to. So, here is another. California Dem Lawmaker Hears ‘We Love Trump’ Chants, Walks Out of Town Hall Meeting. As they say “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

Anonymous said...


Do you understand Republican have made unconstitutional, racist, and extremely unethical comments and votes?
""The destruction of these monuments, erected in the loving memory of our family and fellow Southern Americans, is both heinous and horrific," Republican state Rep. Karl Oliver of Winona said in a post Saturday night, which was removed from his page Monday. "If the, and I use this term extremely loosely, 'leadership' of Louisiana wishes to, in a Nazi-ish fashion, burn books or destroy historical monuments of OUR HISTORY, they should be LYNCHED! Let it be known, I will do all in my power to prevent this from happening in our State."

The post was made after three Confederate monuments and a monument to white supremacy were removed in New Orleans.

Oliver issued a statement Monday apologizing.

"I, first and foremost, wish to extend this apology for any embarrassment I have caused to both my colleagues and fellow Mississippians," Oliver said.

Anonymous said...


When will Virginia Foxx be holding a Town Hall meeting?