Friday, July 7, 2017

This is SOOO Much Fun!!!


USS Rodger Young said...

Excellent post Blogger. Perhaps the best example of those who laughed at Trump was brought to us by the village idiots (noneymouse coward, POV, PLOP!, Shyster,etc) who gave us the "Machts Niches Bitches" quote a few days before the election. Priceless. The snarky, holier than thou, and always bigoted attitudes given off by the left are captured perfectly in those who laughed at Trump, and conservatives, before the election. Who's laughing now? LOL

USS Rodger Young

Anonymous said...

Muller is staffing up to follow the money and documents.

"The former FBI director and decorated U.S. Marine has submitted a budget and quietly hired an all-star team that includes 15 Justice Department prosecutors. And, a spokesman for Mueller said, he's not done bringing on new lawyers."

USS Rodger Young said...

The Russia thing is dead. The only people who even follow it are desperate liberal socialist sheep who have nothing else on THEIR PRESIDENT. LOL!! I love the disintegration of the left evidenced in the above post by noneymouse coward.

This is certainly SOOOOOO Much Fun!!!!!!!!!!

Sour grapes and sore losers = the fringe left.

Anonymous said...


The Russian collusion investigation is not even started. The team of federal investigators is just now being assembled.

USS Rodger Young said...

Blah, blah blah. The only collusion you should be worried about is when they start uncovering the massive collusion between hussein obummer, leon paneta, billary clinton, and the rest of the stooges who colluded with not only Russia, but a whole host of other communists, socialists, and radical islamists.

Oh, and what happened to the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious? Or Solyndra. Or Bengazi? Or Waco? Or Ruby Ridge? You want to forget about those fiascos, one of which incinerated dozens of children.


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