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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Building an Explanatory Mental Model to Understand Bizarre Politics

  Nearly to a person, the talking heads are turning to one another and baffled asking, ‘in all your years, have you ever seen anything like what is going on. They all respond? "No." (As do I)

Have you ever seen people in the media writing fake news, destroying their own and journalism’s reputation, and say "I am doing the work of the Lord?"

"No, I haven’t."

Have you ever seen minor league judges blocking a president from his constitutional right and duty of conducting foreign policy and saying, "I’m doing the work of the Lord?"

"No, I haven’t."

Have you ever seen a Congress, lead by wannabe presidents, threatening a president if he vetoes a foreign policy bill which is totally within his constitutional right to do, they will wreak hell down on him–and also threaten to pass a law to keep him from making any recess appointments and even threatening him if he removes members of his own cabinet, every president’s right and saying, "We’re doing the work of the Lord?"

"No, I haven’t."

Have you ever seen an entertainment media who are being blamed for undermining morality all over the world, become so self-righteously because they feel their right to murder their children is being blocked–and their demand to overturn the 2000 year Biblical definition of marriage as a man and a women joining and the two become one to create the image of God–and who corrupt the youth by glamorizing drugs as well as sex outside of committed relationships, saying ,"we are doing the work of the Lord."

"No I haven’t."

Have you ever known a time when the military was demanded to do social experiments at the risk of weakening readiness and saying , "we are doing the work of the Lord."

"No, I haven’t."

Have you ever known a time when educators brainwash the youth, demanding they deconstruct their whiteness."

"No I haven’t"

Have you ever seen a time when being a Christian is considered evil?

"No I haven’t"

Have you ever known a time when reputable people in the mental health people will risk their integrity to give a president a mental diagnosis without ever being with him?

"No I haven’t."

Have you ever known a time when people like the ones on this blog spew out unbelievable vitriol about a president with only fake news to go on?

"No, I haven’t"

"Other than a mass psychosis, how do you make sense out of these never--before bizarre times?"

The human mind is hardwired to create sense of the world. It does this by creating templets of replicating events. It uses this template to understand events. When too much dissonance is experienced because so much becomes inexplicable, it enlarges the template to accommodate the new events. When it can’t do that, it suffers dissonance and in some cases if the dissonance is too great, it becomes what we call emotionally disturbed or even mentally ill.

Not too far back I invited readers of this blog to share the templates they are using to comprehend a world that seems to be going mad. To tell you the truth, I was sadly disappointed. No one gave a theory that to me was adequate to carry the load. I responded by unabashedly giving my model.

Mine is a Biblical model which serves me well to live in a world going crazy. I have no problem there are both dark and light forces pulling strings from behind the veil.

God told me He wanted Trump. Only later did I realize God had found a man that could not be bought–that had so much downright common sense he would do the right thing.

Why would God need such a man?

God is plucking us out of the powers of darkness and bringing us under the powers of light. But He was losing the battle. Forces were pushing His people out of the public arena. They were destroying all sorts of moral codes. They were making it so that He would have to abandon them to the powers of darkness or rain down justice Himself.

Several things were new to me.  One is the vehemence of the forces of darkness that is coming at Potus--the total number of people the powers of darkness could manipulate at one time-- and finally the length of time the battle would be.  

Readers of this blog will remember that I not only informed you Trump would win, but also because he was God’s choice, to expect all Hell to cut loose. What He has not told most of us prophets is how long the hell will last. One prophet prophesied the powers of light will begin pushing back by this month. We have not seen that. What we have seen though is Trump bringing in the big guns and getting rid of the wimps.

Another prophet says God told him it will take until the end of November to see the tide finally turning. Then many people will have the darkness removed from their eyes. We can only hope.


guy faulkes said...

Blogger, I deal with a world gone mad as I always have. I have three rules.

1. Never give up.

2. Do the best you can.

3. The main thing is not to get mad or excited.

Never give up means exactly that. You cannot control what others do, but you can control yourself.

Do the best you can means when the leftists are running wild and it looks like the world is going down the toilet, try to improve the situation and try to get others to join you in doing so.

You cannot get mad or overly excited because that course of action eats away at you. If you look at life with the concept that you are morally, ethically, and logically correct, then why would the comments of some ignoramus like Goofus/Scallywag bother you? Let him beat his head against you until he either goes away or some sense if forced into it. Above all keep your sense of humor. Smiling at these people infuriates them much more than a good cussing would, especially if you have someone like Blogger, Sark, Wolf, Rico, and RY carrying the heavy load. You do not need them, but they are sure nice to have.

I have been told that next to me Jesse Helms looked like Tip O'Neil. It was not meant as a compliment, but it was one.

Blogger said...

Anon, God put Trump in as president. Take your argument about Trump with Him . Give me a break.

Sarkazein said...

The way I deal with the world gone mad is to tune my Sirius Satellite Radio to channel 5 then 6.

Sarkazein said...

You know the world (US) has gone mad when the people who said Trump's answer to the debate question regarding accepting the results of the election was un-American, a destroyer of democracy, "horrific"- HC, tears at the threads of democracy, disqualifies someone from being President and those same people go on to not accept the results of the election. Those people don't even bother to defend their hypocrisy and the liberal MSM does not hold them to their words, they join them.
I've never seen anything like it.

Blogger said...

Anonymous, I told you to take your beef up with God who put Potus into the White House. At the same time, I wish you would really read this article and stop being one of those channeling the dark side on my blog.

Sarkazein said...

You know the world (US) has gone mad when those same people who said what they said about not accepting the results of the election are now criticizing the President for what is happening now... the tearing the threads of our democracy as seen in the legislature and the White House staff problems including Deep State. This is all on the shoulders of the Left/MSM.
Did they think they were lying when they said what they said about not accepting the results of the election?

Sarkazein said...

You know the world has gone mad when people (men and women) pay $300-$800 for extensions and a braids hair-do, multi-tats, face piercings, gold grills, $200 kicks, $2000 wheels paid by the week, but still can't afford health insurance and then go on to blame the Republicans.

Blogger said...

A commentator just said some people working in the White House are leaking because they believe they are saving the country from this president and I add, and telling themselves "I'm doing the work of the Lord."

Blogger said...

Anon, write something appropriate to the thread and it gets published. You have not demonstrated to me you have understood it or even read it. Do you even know you are discussed in it? Therefore you add nothing of value to the discussion. From the four comments I have deleted so far it is obvious you are trying to lure one of the suckers to take the bait and pull readers away from discussing a very deep subject. If you can't' run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

Sarkazein said...

Every commenter on the blog should have a GoofusPOV delete button including the liberals. He has to be embarrassing the liberal commenters.

Wolf's Head said...

"He has to be embarrassing the liberal commenters. " sark

Unfortunately, it's probably a hero to them.

Their insanity is beyond belief.

As an example, I just read on a lunatic left blog that they are hoping for a military coup to take out Trump because Trump wants perverts out of the military.

Yep, they think the military is going to rise up to keep perverts in their ranks. INSANE.

Blogger said...

So Wolfe is your comprehensive explanation of my whole list,

Anonymous said...

You know the world has gone mad when people (men and women) pay for trucks, multi-tats, bass boats, all-you-can-eat Golden Corral, $200 fishing rods, guns and ammo, but still can't afford health insurance and then go on to blame Obama.