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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Senator Burr Replies to a Constituent''s Letter

    Back in mid-May, I sent the following letter to our Senator Burr:  "Dear Sen. Burr, as someone who has supported you from the get go, I cannot express how terribly disappointed I am in you.  I thought you were supposed to oversee intelligence–a critical responsibility.  I don’t have to tell you, there can be no greater danger to a democracy than an intelligence agency gone rogue.  But you have let it happen.

Over on the other side, beginning in the last few days, the House Intelligence Committee is finally
doing its job as overseers of intelligence.  You on the other hand have gone off on a tangent, chasing Russians down rabbit holes.

Because the Russian Special Council Mueller now has the Russian investigation as his mandate, your committee has become completely duplicative and totally unnecessary.   So, now you just give the impression that you are on a witch-hunt, even a subversive force against our president."

After waiting two months for a response, I finally received one:

Dear Constituent,  "Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform.  I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue."  Burr then followed by nearly an entire page of blah, blah, blah on his work on health care.

He ended with "Again, thank you for contacting me.  Should you have additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to let me know or visit my website."

And he is still pounding away at the non-story Russian conspiracy.  Meanwhile, the agency he is supposed to be overseeing is still going rogue.


USS Rodger Young said...


This is the most important post on this blog with the exception of the secular thread from a couple weeks back.

Anyway, RINO Richard Burr is now a lame duck Senator. He's turned hard left which was where he was at all along. This dolt has NEVER pushed the ball down the field. He epitomizes the "status quo" Rethuglican that I've detailed time and again on this blog. Conservatives got their first taste of RINO Burr during the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade where he pushed the land trade bill through the Senate without input from local sportswomen and men. He would not allow a counter speech in DC to provide a balanced view opposite of what Virginia Foxx did. She invited the Town of Blowing Rock to address Congress concerning the land trade and didn't notify sportswomen and men groups until 5 PM the day before - far too late for such groups to address Congress. Sportswomen and men asked Burr if they could testify in front of the Senate SubCommittee on Natural Resources and were told they could write in comments which would be included in the Congressional Record AFTER THE BILL WAS PASSED. In other words, Burr blew conservatives off. He's done an excellent job of bypassing Conservatives, conservatives values, and conservative sponsored bills for decades. Can't get rid of this idiot soon enough. The question is whether or not sheeple NC Republican voters learned anything from Burr's status quo governance. If not, we'll get another just like him.

RINO Richard Burr, along with RINO Virginia Foxx, have more in common with Dumpocrats as they do with conservatives. Did you ever wonder why neither have staffers commenting on this blog? It's too hot for the idiots. They might be questioned on why they don't support freedom, patriotism, and less government.

USS Rodger Young

Claire Lesman

USS Rodger Young said...

Any RINO Watauga County Republicans care to chime in? You idiots are done as a party in Watauga County. After 8 years of free reign to get things done, you cannot explain one thing you did to support freedom, liberty and less government here in Watauga County. Not one thing. You acted EXACTLY like Dumpocrats the whole time. The farmer out in Aho who tried to fix his own sewer tank on his own property is testament to that fact.

We've only got two more turncoat RINO Republicans to vote off the Watauga County Commission during the next election season. Time to teach these two turncoats a lesson and elect anyone else but them.

Vince Gable was the last true conservative to hold elected office in Watauga County. The Republican Party turned on this Patriot years ago and wouldn't help him in his re-election bid. Now they have nothing.