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Friday, July 28, 2017

Why God Installed Trump

I get a lot of push back against my claim that God chose Trump to be our president.  Most declare  "no way" and then inform me why I am wrong.  Never am I asked why did you Evangelicals put Trump in and why are  you are so excited  that God backed a man like Trump?

 The answer was because we believed we were facing disaster.

 First, it seems obvious that God loves this country. The founders told us they had Divine guidance in laying our foundations. Long have most of this country felt that we have received His favor and His protection.

But look where we were before Trump.
We had a leader who said he tingled at the call to worship of one of God’s rivals. We had a leader from the anti-colonial world, read, anti-white, anti-Christian. The moral codes we had been taught would keep us in God's favor were being turned upside down.

We serious Christians know that although God is total love, He is also total justice. We felt we were being moved out from under His love and placed under His justice. From our study of his Word we know that God’s justice is manifested in two ways. He either removes nations from under His protection, leaving them naked before the angry gods, or He administers divine justice directly Himself.

Neither is a pretty picture.

So God put in a man who has incredible common sense which makes him capable of doing the right thing. God also chose a man who could not be bought. We feel Trump is pulling us back from the brink. But, we also believe we have only few years to get it right.

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