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Friday, July 28, 2017

Why It Scares Me If Someone Really Hears Me

     I had thought that by now I would have inspired some serious attempts at creating explanatory models to deal with such a bizarre political world. So far, nada. A little while back when I brought up the subject before, I thought that at last Sark was working, following what I was teaching. At this point, I will be very open and honest. When people show they are hearing me, I get very nervous.

Why? Because following me is dangerous. The main strategy of the powers of darkness is to keep below the radar so no one knows they exist. When a person’s spiritual eyes begin to open , it is much like kicking over a rock only to find rattle snakes striking at you. If such events ever begin to happen to you, I strongly advise you to get into a Spirit filled church where the people know what to do.

Sark lives in Houston. There is probably no other town in the country with so many incredible churches.


Anonymous said...


I agree when people start sharing your opinions, I too get nervous.

Blogger said...

Anon LOL

Sarkazein said...

Houston has many churches. I prefer the Neo-Gothic styling with limestone cladding. Red brick is nice too.