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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Must Read If You Like Truth

David Harowitz


Anonymous said...

As far as Charlottesville was concerned only one response was to be accepted by the rabid left. That response had to be “We good” “You bad.” I am so proud that Potus refused to compromise the truth even at great cost. People with moral integrity know that the only legitimate and good guys in Charlottesville were the ones who obtained a permit to quietly protest the destruction of a beloved statue. That was on the first night. After that everyone else that showed up on both sides were evil.

Anonymous said...

Because you are avowed and unashamed white supremacist/nationalist, it is unsurprising that you support and affirm the statements of those(POTUS) that echo your world view.

Sarkazein said...

He never read it.

Anonymous said...

Sure I did. It went off the rails when the claim was made that a a statue was to protected by these "historians". "Historians" that chanted that Jews would not replace them and Blood and Soil. These historians made very public statements about the advance of a white ethno-state. These historians that you revere were quite prepared and ready to provoke violence. It's easy to see where you identify with them.

Anonymous said...

"But they came to defend a historic monument honoring a complex man and cause, and not to attack it or, presumably, anyone else."

What sweethearts.

How could any group stoop to such a low level as to protest agains violent fascist, white nationalist, Nazis without a permit? I wonder if American soldiers got a permit before protesting WW2 in Europe?

You people are sickening.

Sarkazein said...

I guess I should not have said you didn't read it, I should have said you couldn't read it.

Anonymous wrote- "Sure I did. It went off the rails when the claim was made that a a statue was to protected by these "historians".

It's not in the article... in any way. You are deranged.

Anonymous said...

"Historians" was the implication. Protecting the statue was never the point, moron.

Sarkazein said...

Quotes now indicate an implication?

"Protecting the statue was never the point, moron."- you wrote

I know you say you have an inability to communicate, but that sentence makes no sense. You never read the post or you are incapable of reading the post. Or both. "Protecting the statue was never the point, moron". Never whose point? Are you trying to write that it was never the KKK's point or the author's point or my point or your point?

Sarkazein said...


Whitey said...

Anon 7:59

Out of curiosity, what do you consider to be a "white supremacist/nationalist"?

And, why aren't whites superior?

Seems to be a lot of cultural appropriation of white culture going on, cars, aircraft, spacecraft, antibiotics, clothes, computers, etc. Why is that?

Sarkazein said...

Whitey- There is good and bad from all cultures, as you know. But it is weird and probably supernatural that Western culture and capitalism which sponsored most all things you mentioned are being demonized even by self-loathing White people and actually less by Black people.
Most of what we are seeing today is the Obama racial legacy, Leftist professor's teachings, and the Democrats not accepting the Constitutionally elected President.

Sarkazein said...

If the Mafia marches to protest the Talibaning of Christopher Columbus statues and there are Italians protesting the American Taliban too, are all Italians Mafia?

Wolf's Head said...

Sark, thank you for a reasoned response.

I do not expect a response from the anon lefties. They use words terms like "White supremacists", but do NOT define what that is. This ambiguity allows them to throw these words at you or anyone else to INTIMIDATE and RESTRICT your response.

They want you to be afraid to say that the light bulb was invented by a white man. They want you to be afraid to say that Washington was a great man. They want you to be afraid to say that Robert E. Lee was a great man. They want you to renounce Bach. Mozart, Newton, Aristotle, and embrace the destruction of your civilization, of the birthright of your children.

They want you to renounce your heritage, as they have. They want to intimidate, insult, coerce you into accepting their view that whites are corrupt and have stolen everything from the rest of the world.

To them, all of Western civilization, and especially American civilization, was stolen from the wreckage we wrought on other races. That we are not deserving of our accomplishments.

As Wolf's Head said, they are White SUBJUGATIONISTS. They don't believe that whites are equal to Negros or Hispanics or Asians, but inferior, especially morally.

This is currently being demonstrated by the assault on Confederate memorials. They don't want to pull these down because they're "offensive", but because they mean so much to us of southern descent. They want to erase this part of history. They want to show that they can destroy history, and rewrite it to their own benefit.

This is exactly what ISIS and the Taliban have done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and anywhere they have a presence. They blow up roman ruins, they destroy Babylonian ruins, they even destroy monuments to the other muslin religions, to erase their history and culture.

We are in a culture war, but we are entering a new front, a forerunner of a Civil War.

I asked anon why it thought that whites weren't superior. It has nothing to do with my beliefs, but everything to do with its. I wanted it to say why it believes this, what evidence it has, what reasons it can put forth.

But it can't.

I will not sit here and say that white people are evil, that America is evil. that other cultures are superior.

Grow some ba**s America, and stand up for yourself against those who would destroy what freedom you have left.

Wolf's Head said...

Whitey, (I assume)

I'm curious as to why you used my Nom de Blog?

I don't mind fighting my own battles, but I don't want to fight yours for you.

Please use your own moniker next time.

Wolf's Head said...

By the way, to whoever wrote the above, I agree.

The left has corrupted our politics, our society, our morals and now they want to corrupt our history.

They will come for Jefferson and Washington.

Then they will come for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

When those have been discredited or destroyed they will come for Christianity, so get ready Blogger.

Anonymous said...

They've been coming for Christianity for years now, but not many people have paid attention. Just try to tell a liberal that a person of faith (Christian, but not Muslim) should not be forced to participate in a gay wedding if it violates their conscious and religious beliefs -- making a cake, or providing flowers or photographing. You're bigoted, hateful, discriminatory if you just want to live free according to your beliefs.

guy faulkes said...

I am very much afraid that due to the actions of BLM and Antifa we are experiencing the beginnings of a new Civil war. All that it will take for it to escalate is for one of them to innate violence with the wrong group of people and the carnage will be terrible. Some people take defending themselves very seriously. The consequences of this happening are unthinkable but inevitable.

Once again, God help the Republic.

Whitey said...

Wolf's Head, I apologize. I'm not sure what happened, other than I was thinking of what I was going to write, and I was going to mention you in it because of your white subjugationist term, which got me riled up. Must've just had a major brain fart.

Anyway, sorry.