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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Even Our Troll Has Never Been This Snarky

   Someone liked some of my articles and invited me to post on a webpage for politically and religiously eclectic writers.  I did and got piled on.   But you guys had toughened me up. Most of their responses were not worth my time to answer, however after being told over and over again that I obviously did not understand the Bible and having Scripture after Scripture thrown at me, I finally had had it.

A person named Keith for example wrote: “It's clear you don't have the most basic understanding of Christianity.”

I responded: “Keith, if that were true, I have surely fooled a lot of people. Besides having a theological degree, I have pastored Southern Baptist churches, and Episcopal churches, as well as preaching in Lutheran Anglican, and Charismatic churches–big churches and small. I have been preaching the gospel for more than 60 years.”

An hour later Keith responded: “I do not question that you may have fooled a lot of people.  I'm not one of them.”  My wife and I roared with laughter.  Then I thought, you know, even our little pest on our blog never got that snarkey.


guy faulkes said...

Kieth appears to have a very high opinion of himself and his beliefs. I would venture to guess he would not like my beliefs. I am more than content to leave Kieth alone to believe as he wishes. He should extend the same courtesy to others.

Anonymous said...

I like Keith and his wife.
Hopefully your former churches now have kinder ministers with empathy and a messages reflecting the Golden Rule and the love of Jesus.

guy faulkes said...

Goofus, nothing in your post elects badly in any way on Blogger. In fact, you just made a wish for Super Blogger.